A remedy for black patches on skin using fenugreek seeds

Today let us see a the causes and remedy for black patches on skin using fenugreek seeds. This remedy softens our skin.Black patches on skin is caused by the following reasons,

  1. Constipation
  2. Blood mucus
  3. Excess salt water in body


  • Fenugreek seeds(Vendhayam in tamil)-20 gm


  • Cucumber-20 gm


  • Green gram-20 gm

green gram

  • Aloe vera gel-20 gm



  1. Cut aloe vera into two horizontally and scoop it using a spoon to its gel
  2. Wash aloe vera gel in turmeric water seven times to clean it
  3. Grind fenugreek seeds, cucumber, green gram and aloe vera gel to get its paste


  • Apply this paste on the affected area
  • Wash it off after ten minutes
  • Repeat the above steps once again
  • Wash it off in cool water

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