Trip to Mannavannur Eco Park, Kodaikanal

Today,we went to kodaikanal with my mom, sister, uncle and family. Actually it was the trip planned in just 5 hours before the journey. We didn’t make any arrangements but by God’s grace, everything was set well and we had a great time together.

It was a lovely Sunday. We reached Kodaikanal early in the morning. We didn’t book a hotel because it was our sudden trip. Finding a hotel to refresh was difficult because it is a holiday time and also on independence day there was a festival at a local church. Somehow,we booked rooms in a hotel, refreshed ourselves and started our journey to Mannavannur Eco park, about 2 hours of journey from Kodaikanal lake.On the way we could see vegetables plantations.


Travelling on road,surrounded by dense pine forests on all sides is really lovely. On the way to Mannavannur, there is a village named ‘Poomparai’. We went to the top of the Kodaikanal hill station where the climate was chill..We took few snaps and went to Mannavanur  eco park,which is an ideal place for nature lovers.There was a minimal entry fee. A glimpse of nature’s beauty which any nature loves shouldn’t miss!!! Some of my beautiful captures,







Whenever I see the Coracle in movies or photos, I will tell my hubby that I wanna ride in it as I didn’t ride on it till today. I am so happy to see the Coracle(parisal) ride here. We bought tickets which costs 50 INR for each and enjoyed the Coracle(parisal) ride. It was my first ride at Coracle and I have no words to describe my happiness. A pic of Coracle(parisal) for you,


While returning back, there was a heavy traffic near the Kodaikanal lake and so we tired sitting in vehicle for long. We could see many cars broke down and people standing on road so it is advisable to plan your trip to this lake in day and return before evening.

Also, there are no hotels here so please pack your lunch and snacks whenever you visit Mannavannur eco park.



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