Treat Whooping Cough/ Dry cough naturally

Cough is one of the common illness which all of us face atleast once in our life time. I get affected by cough and cold atleast twice an year. Treat Whooping Cough/ Dry cough(varattu irumal in tamil) naturally using this two ingredient remedy,


  • Purple fruited pea eggplant leaves juice (Botonical name:Solanum trilobatum; Thuthuvalai in tamil)-1 tea spoon

thuthuvalai snagit

  • Honey- 2 tea spoon



  1. Grind Purple fruited pea eggplant leaves to get its juice
  2. Mix it with honey and drink


  • For children less than 5 years. give 3 drops daily for 3 days
  • For children greater than 5 years. give 1 tea spoon daily for 3 days

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  1. Please explain the first ingredients thanks

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