Treat viral Infection in lungs and cough problems at home

If you are one of the many people suffering from breathing problems due to viral infection and cough, this remedy works wonders.Although you should always consult a physician when you have problems  in breathing, you can try home remedy if it is not severe. Today let us see the remedy in detail,


  • Pointed gourd leaves (Botonical name:Mukia Scabrella; Musumusukkai Keerai in tamil) root-60 gm

  • Justicia adhatoda(Adathoda in tamil) plant root-40 gm
  • Betal leaf-1 no.
  • Long pepper(Thippili in tamil)-5 gm
  • Cloves-1 gm


  • Pepper-5 gm


  • Dry ginger-5 gm


  • Honey-as needed

Honey 1


  1. Dry all the above ingredients except betal leaf and honey
  2. Grind the dried ingredients to get its powder
  3. Take 1 to 3 gm in a betal leaf, add 5 drops of honey
  4. Don’t mix it, just fold the betal leaf
  5. Chew and eat


  • Chew and eat this at night half an hour after food
  • Spit the mucus and gargle with hot water


  • Remove the petiole(Kaambu in tamil) and veins from betal leaves before using it
  • Cut off/Tear off the rear end of the betal leaf

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