A sweet dish to heal broken bones fast naturally

Bone problems are caused due to lack of calcium, Vitamin D, folic acid in body.  If you are facing bone problems or bones fracture, you can eat this dish so that the broken bones heal fast. This sweet dish can be given to all including children to strengthen bones. Today let us see a sweet dish to heal broken bones fast naturally. This also cures all bone problems


  • Black urad dhal-100 gm

  • Badam-25 gm

  • English walnut/Juglans regia(Akhrot in tamil)-25 gm

  • Cow’s milk-as needed

  • Cow’s ghee-as needed

  • Organic sugar(naatu sarkarai in tamil)-as needed


  1. Dry roast black urad dhal and grind to get its powder
  2. Mix black urad dhal powder with little milk to get its paste
  3. Grind badam and English walnut to get its powder
  4. Boil some milk in a pan
  5. Add the black urad dhal paste and almonds powder and boil it in low flame
  6. Stir it continuously so that it should not stick at the bottom
  7. Add organic sugar and cow’s ghee and stir it till it becomes paste like consistency
  8. Turn off the flame
  9. Cool it and eat


  • Eat it daily at noon after lunch

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