Optimize your brain power naturally

Memory is the capacity to store and retrieve the stored information. We should maintain a stress free life and healthy diet to enhance memory power. Fifteen minutes of ’Thoppukaranam’(Thoppukaranam is holding left ear using right hand, right ear using left hand and exercise) increases the brain power immensely. You can optimize your brain power using this remedy,


  • Brahmi leaves powder (vallarai podi in tamil)-1/2 tsp.


  • Sweet Flag or Calamus (Vasambu in tamil) powder -1/2 tsp

  • Long pepper (arisi thippili in tamil)-1/2 tsp.
  • Honey-as needed



  1. Mix all the powders well
  2. Add honey and mix it well
  3. Roll it into pepper size balls and turkey berry(sundaikkai in tamil) size balls


  • Children can eat 1 pepper size tablet before food in the morning
  • Adults can eat 1 turkey berry size tablet before food in the morning

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