Natural remedy for membranous break(Javvu vedipu)

Natural remedy for membranous break(Javvu vedipu),


  • Tanners cassia flowers(Aavaram poo in tamil) paste- 1 table spoon

aavaram poosnagit

  • Black gram(Uluntham paruppu in tamil) powder


  • Egg white of 1 egg


  • White cotton cloth


  1. Grind Tanners cassia flowers to form a paste
  2. Take egg white in a bowl
  3. Add Tanners cassia flowers paste
  4. Mix it well
  5. Apply this paste on the affected area
  6. Wrap it with cotton cloth
  7. Apply few Tanners cassia flowers paste above cloth
  8. Put some whole gram powder on it
  9. Do the same from 6 to 8 steps once again
  10. Make sure you completely cover the cloth and Tanners cassia flowers paste with black gram powder


  • Keep this for 24 hours only
  • Clean and remove this with warm water
  • If you have pain, saute bringal pieces in gingelly oil and foment it gently on the affected area in bearable warmth

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