Nanjil exhibition at Nagercoil

Last Saturday, being holiday we went to Nanjil exhibition at Nagercoil with family. The entrance fee is Rs.50/per person for all aged 4 years and above. Timing is 4 p.m to 10 p.m daily till june 4 2017.

We could see the beautifully designed animals with movements at Nanjil exhibition.

In Nanjil Exhibition, there are many entertainment games like Tora Tora, Coaster, Dragon, Giant Wheel, Brake Dance etc. are also found. For small children there are rides like car, Helicopter, boat ride etc.

People visiting the exhibition can taste and enjoy foods like Delhi Pappad, Ooty Milagai Bajji, Paani Puri, Pop Corn, Chola Puri, Madurai Jigarthanda, Ice cream, Cool drinks etc. We enjoyed Madurai Jigarthanda drink and ice creams.


People can purchase house hold things starting from 10 INR . There are around 50 stalls from which visitors can purchase house hold things, fancy items, ready made dresses, beauty products, foot wears, furniture, etc. I bought a sofa cover and 2 bed sheets.

We enjoyed the day and returned back home happily.



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