Increase blood and RBC count naturally

Today let us see a remedy to Increase blood and RBC count naturally,


  • Aerial root of Fragrant Screw pine/Pandanus fascicularis (Thazhai vizhuthu in tamil)-10 gm

  • Beet root-1/4 kg

  • Apple-1/4 kg


  • Dates paste-2 tablespoon


  • Cow ghee- 50 ml to 100 ml
  • Water as needed


  • Sugar as needed


  1. Soak Fragrant Screw pine in clean water for minimum 1 hour
  2. After 1 hour, boil the screw pine with the soaked water
  3. Grind beetroot and add it
  4. Boil it well.Add water if needed
  5. Add sugar to it and boil well
  6. Grind apple and dates separately
  7. Add the apple paste and dates paste and boil it well till it removes water
  8. Just before you turn off flame, add ghee
  9. Mix it well and turn off flame


  • Eat 50 gm of this daily twice


  • Take the outer skin of Fragrant Screw pine
  • Can give it to children.All can eat
  • For 1 year baby give 1 tea spoon
  • Can keep this preparation for 15 days
  • Store it in glass container

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