Home made vaccine to prevent Cancer

Causes of cancer:

  1. Irregular food habits
  2. Smoking
  3. Drinking alcohol
  4. consecutive cogenital marriage
  5. Pollution


  • Mushroom(Kaazhaan in tamil)- 3 tea spoon
  • Tanners cassia flowers(Aavaram poo in tamil)- 2 tea spoon

aavaram poosnagit

  • Red chilly- 3 nos.


  • Garlic- 20 gm


  • Cubeb/ Tailed Pepper(Vaal mizhagu in tamil)- 10 nos.
  • Small onions- 20 gm


  • Cumin seeds- 10 gm

cumin seeds

  • Gingelly oil- 50 ml
  • Powdered salt- a pinch


  • Water- 100 ml



  1. Cut small onions and garlic into small pieces
  2. Cut mushroom in pieces
  3. Boil oil and add small onions, garlic, red chilly and fry it
  4. Add mushroom, tanners cassia flowers. cubeb, cumin seeds , powdered salt and water
  5. Boil well
  6. Strain and drink the decoction


  • You can drink it daily or atleast once in a week
  • You can eat the mushroom mix too.. Eat it once in a week

Food to avoid:

  • Egg,Meat, Chicken
  • Butter,Cheese, Milk, Tea,Coffee
  • All rhizomes(kizhangu in tamil) except Elephant foot yam/Elephant yam (karunai kizhangu in tamil)

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