High School friends reunion at Club Mahindra Resort, Poovar

The school days are one of the best days of my life and I love my childhood school friends coz whenever we meet or whenever we chat we feel that we are still kids. We make fun on each other, enjoy each others company and feel the best.

We, high school friends of St.Joseph’s Higher Secondary School, Trituapuram decided to have a get together with family on New year eve (December 31st 2016) at Club Mahindra Resort, Poovar. Last time, we had our first memorable reunion at Poovar Island Resort on Jan 2, 2016.Click here to see the pictures.

I have started from my home early in the morning around 7.30 a.m to my mummy’s home. On the way, we visited the beautiful christmas crib @ paalapallam. It was lovely. You can see the pictures of it here. It’s the fun going to a high school reunion and seeing friends who you were close to all those years ago, and re-exploring the relationships of the past.

I reached the resort around 10 a.m.Happy to meet my friends there. After greeting everyone, we all went happily inside the fun zone. We had a cake cutting for little ones and big buddies. Here comes the cake pic,


Then comes the rocking dances of forever youth.Yeah, our feet rhythm with the music and the troop started to have fun with lovely dances. We have fondly remembered the dance programmes at school, back to memory lane… Kids had so many indoor games and being New year eve, Club Mahindra officials conducted a painting competition for kids which they enjoyed to the Core.

It’s lunch time now and we all got into the restaurant of the resort to taste Kerala Specialty cuisine. Here are some of the pictures of sweets and desserts,







After lunch, kids enjoyed at swimming pool and we had fun by taking about good old school memories.Had a wonderful photoshoot. Here are few pictures,







We all departed happily in the evening.Thank you friends for the wonderful time together.


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