Get natural beauty at home

Get natural beauty at home,


  • Papaya fruit-20 gm


  • Cyperus rotundus with leaves (Korai kizhangu in tamil)-1 no.

  • Badam powder-3 nos./5 gm


  • Indian coral tree bark paste /Erythrina variegata (mullu murungai bark/kalyana murungai in tamil)- 5 ml
  • Poppy seeds powder(kasakasa in tamil)- 2 gm


  1. Grind Indian coral tree bark to form a paste
  2. Grind  Cyperus rotundus with leaves to form a paste
  3. Mix both the pastes
  4. Add badam powder and poppy seeds powder
  5. Add papaya fruit
  6. Mix it well and apply it on face
  7. Wash it off after 2 hours


  • Can use it daily in morning or noon

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