Clean excess pitha from body and treat fever due to pitha naturally

Vaatham, Pitham, and Kabham are responsible for the occurrence of a disease. Regulate these three in body reduce the chances of being sick.Today let us see one of the best remedies to clean excess pitha from body.This remedy also cures fever due to excess pitha in body.

Foods to eat to regulate pitha in body:

  • Include turkey berry monthly once
  • Include drumstick leaves and its flowers monthly twice
  • Include banana flower in your diet four times a month
  • Grind equal quantity of curry leaves, coriander leaves, and mint leaves.Mix it with rice and eat weekly once
  • Eat neem flowers mixed with jaggery or honey and eat it monthly thrice in the morning at empty stomach


  • Lemon juice-25 ml

  • Small onions’ juice-25 ml


  • Tender coconut water-25 ml

  • Jaggery powder-1 tsp.


  • Water-25 ml



  1. Grind small onions to get its juice
  2. Squeeze lemon to extract its juice
  3. Take water in a glass
  4. Add lemon juice, small onions’ juice and tender coconut water one by one
  5. Add 1 tsp. of powdered jaggery
  6. Mix it well and drink


  • Drink 20 ml of this preparation daily twice(morning and evening) after food

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