Carrot sweet drink to strengthen bones and veins

This is one of the healthy sweet dishes which can be given to your child who refuses to eat vegetables. It is an excellent way of adding vegetables and nuts to your child’s diet.  It is simple to make and it is helpful to strengthen bones and veins in body. It is good for all.


  • Carrot-50 gm

  • Cashew-25 gm

  • Badam-25 gm

  • Organic sugar(naatu sarkarai in tamil)-as needed

  • Cardamom powder-a pinch

  • Milk-200 ml

Preparation and usage:

  1. Boil milk a pan
  2. Soak badam and cashew nut overnight and remove its outer skin
  3. Boil carrot and water till it is cooked
  4. Grind boiled carrot ,soaked cashew, soaked badam and cardamom to get its paste
  5. Add brown sugar and carrot paste
  6. Boil it till bubbles come up
  7. Turn off the flame
  8. Taste it

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