A bitter juice for diabetic persons

Diabetic persons are increasing day by day. Even small children are affected by diabetics. Today let us see a juice preparation for diabetic persons. All can drink this juice but it tastes bitter.


  • Tanners cassia flowers(Aavaram poo in tamil) juice-30 ml

aavaram poosnagit

  • Bitter gourd juice -30 ml
  • Gooseberry juice-15 ml



  1. Grind Tanners cassia flowers to extract its juice
  2. Grind bitter gourd to extract its juice
  3. Grind Gooseberry flesh to extract its juice
  4. Take Tanners cassia flowers juice in a bowl
  5. Add Bitter gourd juice and Gooseberry juice to it
  6. Mix it well and drink


  • Drink it daily in the morning half an hour after food

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