Best remedy for white discharge problem in women

This is the best remedy for white discharge problem in women,


  •  Heart-leaved Moonseed /Tinospora cordifolia leaves (Seenthil ilai  in tamil)-10 gm

  •  Heart-leaved Moonseed /Tinospora cordifolia stem (Seenthil kodiyin thandu  in tamil)-10 gm
  • Long pepper (thippili in tamil)-1/4 tsp.
  • Honey-1 tsp.

Honey 1


  1. Grind Heart-leaved Moonseed /Tinospora cordifolia leaves and stem to get its juice
  2. Grind long pepper to get its powder
  3. Take 4 tsp. of Heart-leaved Moonseed /Tinospora cordifolia leaves’ juice , long pepper powder and honey and mix it well
  4. Eat it


  • Eat this in the morning and evening after food weekly twice

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