Best remedy for cancer at initial stage

Let us see the best remedy for cancer at initial stage,

Causes of cancer:

  1. Irregular food habits
  2. Smoking
  3. Drinking alcohol
  4. consecutive cogenital marriage
  5. Pollution


  • Purple fruited pea eggplant leaves(Botonical name:Solanum trilobatum; Thuthuvalai in tamil) -10 gm

thuthuvalai snagit

  • Madagascar periwinkle or rosy periwinkle plant leaves(Nithya kalyani ilai in tamil)-5 gm


  • Tapioca leaves powder(Maravalli kizhangu ilai podi in tamil)-5 gm

tapioca leaves

  • Dry ginger(Chukku in tamil)-2 gm

Dry ginger

  • Pepper-2 gm


  • Coriander seeds-5 gm

coriander seeds

  • Anise seeds(Sombu in tamil)-2 gm
  • Jaggery-5 gm


  • Water-100 ml



  1. Boil water in a pan
  2. Add Purple fruited pea eggplant leaves,Tapioca leaves powder,rosy periwinkle plant leaves,Anise seeds,Dry ginger,Pepper and Coriander seeds.
  3. Boil it well
  4. Strain the decoction
  5. Mix it with jaggery and drink


  • Drink the decoction in empty stomach daily twice(morning and evening) for few days

Food to avoid:

  • Egg,Meat, Chicken
  • Butter,Cheese, Milk, Tea,Coffee
  • All rhizomes(kizhangu in tamil) except Elephant foot yam/Elephant yam (karunai kizhangu in tamil)

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