A trip to Kalikesam forest and waterfalls

The first of this month, being Saturday my mom, sisters’ and family came to our home. Saturday morning we wanna go out somewhere to refresh. We have visited almost all the places nearby Kanyakumari so we want a change .We decided to go to Kalikesam forest range and waterfalls in Kanyakumari District.

I haven’t gone to Kalikesam before and this is my first trip to Kalikesam. We have started from our home around 12.30 p.m after packing our lunch. We reached kalikesam around 2 p.m. We got entry tickets which costs 15 INR per person and 50 INR for car at the entrance of Kalikesam, where we could see a eco friendly shop, Shola awareness centre and canteen. We ate our lunch once we reached vattaparai falls.

Kalikesam is about 35 kms from Nagercoil. It is a beautiful place with thick forest and rubber plantations. It is better to use own transportation because the bus facility to this place is less.

Being summer, only low water flow in the falls.A lot of fishes in the flowing water. We caught some fishes by using our duppata. It was really fun!!!


After taking bath in waterfalls, we returned back to the entrance and just explored the Shola awareness centre. We loved it. Here are some of the pictures of Shola awareness centre,






We bought spices from eco shop and returned back home happily. The officials were friendly and it is one of the best places to explore in Kanyakumari.

Next time, we are planning for a trekking to Kalikesam.


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