A remedy to clean excess pitha from body

Vaatham, Pitham, and Kabham are responsible for the occurrence of a disease. Regulate these three in body reduce the chances of being sick.Today let us see a remedy to clean excess pitha from body using cardamom. Cardamom is good for health. It improves digestion.


  • Cardamom-5 gm


  • Dry ginger, pepper, long pepper powder(thirikadagu sooranam in tamil)-10 gm
  • Liquorice(athimathuram in tamil)-20 gm
  • Cloves-5 gm


  • Ginger pieces-15 gm


  • Remove the outer skin of ginger and cut it into small pieces
  • Remove the blossom like thing(at the top) from cloves and use only the petiole(kambu in tamil)
  • Roast cardamom till golden brown and take it in a bowl
  • Roast cloves till golden brown and add it to the bowl
  • Add Dry ginger, pepper, long pepper powder to it
  • Add ginger and liquorice to it
  • Grind to get its powder


  • Mix 1 to 2 gm  of powder with lukewarm water and drink it daily twice(morning and evening) after food for few days
  • Stop using this remedy once cured





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