A remedy for insomnia and white discharge problems

A remedy for insomnia and white discharge problems using Poppy seeds,


  • Poppy seeds (kasakasa in tamil)-100 gm

  • Hemidesmus indicus, Indian sarsaparilla(nannari) root-10 gm


  • Cubeb/ Tailed Pepper(Vaal mizhagu in tamil)-10 gm
  • Badam -100 gm


  • Cow ghee- as needed
  • Cow’s milk-100 ml


  • Sugarcane candy-30 gm


  1. Soak poppy seeds in water for some hours
  2. Soak badam in water for some hours
  3. Grind soaked poppy seeds and badam to get its paste
  4. Grind Indian sarsaparilla root, tailed pepper and sugarcane candy to get its powder
  5. Boil cow’s milk in a pan
  6. Add the paste little by little to the boiling milk and allow it to boil
  7. Add the powdered mix little by little and saute it well
  8. Add cow’s ghee and saute it
  9. Turn off the flame once it is completed cooked
  10. Cool it well and store it in a glass bottle


  • Eat amla size (10 gm)of this in morning and 10 gm of this in evening daily after food for white discharge problem
  • Eat 10 gm of this at night before going to sleep for insomnia

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