A remedy for dysentery

Let us see a new remedy for dysentery. It uses only the ingredients which we have in our kitchen cabinet/home.


  • Poppy seeds (kasakasa in tamil)-50 gm

  • Cow’s ghee- as needed
  • Palm candy(panam karkandu in tamil)-25 gm


  • Cow’s milk-100 ml



  1. Grind poppy seeds to get its paste
  2. Soak palm candy in water till it dissolves completely in water
  3. Boil cow’s milk in a pan
  4. Add poppy seeds paste to it and stir it well
  5. Add palm candy water to it and boil it by stirring it
  6. Add cow’s ghee to it and continuously stir till it thickens
  7. Cool and eat


  • Eat 5 gm of this preparation daily twice(morning and evening)

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