A breakfast recipe exclusively for Thyroid patients

Thyroid problems if left untreated may lead to irregular menstruation, infertility and unwanted hairs in body for women Today let us see the foods to avoid and remedy for Thyroid,

Foods to avoid:

  • Cauliflower
  • Radish

Today let us see a breakfast recipe exclusively for Thyroid patients


  • Vine spinach/ Creeping spinach leaves(Pasalai keerai in tamil) juice-100 ml


  • Ginger juice-100 ml


  • Small onion pieces-25 gm


  • Black horse gram(kaanam/kollu in tamil)-100 gm
  • Water-100 ml



  1. Grind Creeping spinach leaves to get its juice
  2. Remove the outer skin of ginger and grind it to extract its juice
  3. Remove the outer skin of small onions and cut it into small pieces
  4. Soak black horse gram in Creeping spinach leaves’ juice for a day
  5. Dry it well
  6. Soak the dried black horse gram in ginger juice for a day
  7. Dry it well
  8. Once the black horse gram is dried completely, grind it to get its powder
  9. Boil water in a pan
  10. Add 2 tsp. of black horse gram powder and allow it to boil
  11. Add small onions and boil it well
  12. Take it in a bowl and eat


  • Eat this preparation as breakfast in the morning once in 10 days

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